A Zimbabwe man has shot dead his worker’s wife and two young daughters in a row over stolen groundnuts, a report says.

The unnamed suspect from Buhera, eastern Zimbabwe, fired his worker last week for allegedly stealing groundnuts and maize from his house, reports the state-run Herald.

The worker, Farai Mandigo, his wife and two daughters, aged four and one, couldn’t immediately find transport and stayed on at the house. On Sunday, after an argument, the owner fired several shots at Mandigo, who ran to a police station to report the incident.

“While making the report, he received information that the accused person had shot dead his wife aged 33 and his two children, respectively,” police spokesperson Charity Charamba told the paper.

Upsurge in murder

The suspect is being investigated for three cases of murder and one attempted murder.

“We have recently recorded an upsurge in murder cases emanating from domestic violence,” Charamba added .

In February, a soldier shot dead his wife and two sisters and seriously wounded his 18-month-old daughter before trying to shoot himself.

The soldier, 23-year-old Carlos Chapeyema is in police custody after the Bulawayo High Court denied him bail, the state-run Chronicle reported in June.



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